A very big thanks to Rodent Master for comming out so quickly after we called them... A pest control guy called Dave came to

sort out a Glis-Glis problem we had in our loft space. He was very knowlagable about the problem and sorted out the issue.


After the treatment and advice to proof up some of the areas in the loft we are so delighted to say we do not have a

problem with Glis-Glis anymore


Mr & Mrs Phillips. Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead

Thank you Rodent Master for getting rid of the rats that were comming in and eating out chicken feed. we found your leaflet on the floor when we got home from shopping which was god send as we had been seeing a few rats in the garden. we were very unsure about putting poison down as we have cats and dogs and could not take the risk of them finding a dead rat and eating it. you are very dedicated in sorting out the problem. even though you tried a few ideas we enjoyed watching you dispatching them from out window... i am so glad to see them gone and so are the chickens.

thank you for all your hard work


Sarah. Hemel Hempstead

Dear Rodent Master,


I am writing to you to say you have done a good job in getting rid of our external rat infestation. We have seen a very big population drop since we starting using your services to sort this issue out. Your company has exhaled where our other pest control company has failed. We love the company name and the way you go about your business is second to none. The name says it all. We will continue to use your company to keep the population under control.


Daniel (techinical manager)

Hi Rodent master,


A big thanks for coming out to out B&B to sort out our mouse problem with such grace and comitment to your job, after a few visits from you we can say that we dont have any un-welcome residents..


Scott (B&B Manager)